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            Steelmate starts from a dream

            that everyone deserves a life with quality automotive safety solutions

            About US

            • 1993

              Established in
            • 400+

            • 1000+

              Number of Employee
            • Marching forward

            Compay Profile

            Steelmate Co.,Ltd is one of the leading automotive electronics companies in China, offering alarm system, TPMS, Parking sensor, etc. With an industrial park covering an area of 80,000 square meters and Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities from German and Japan in its production lines and testing center, Steelmate has forged a close relationship with OEMs, distributors as well as consumers worldwide.To play a bigger role in the world market, Steelmate has built groups of R&D professionals, managerial talents, guided with international management systems and practice to provide innovative, smart and competitive electronics solutions and services.

            Brand Concepts


            "Integrity” is the basis of its development and is the source of its business. Integrity between employee, partners and customers always comes first, among all of its concepts


            "Innovation" is the endless source for Steelmate's growth.Challenged by the ever-changing business trend and technology, Steelmate is committed to exploring deep to seek the most optimized innovative safety solutions.


            "Passion" is the drive for Steelmate’s operation and innovation, is also one of the contributing factors for Steelmate to win through the competitions and to embrace a promising prospect.

            Development Course

            Founded in Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan City

            Independently developing and manufacturing motorcycle alarm system

            Moved to New Office Building

            Covering an area of 120,000 square meters and with 500 employees

            Passed ISO/TS 16949 Qualification

            Became a member of China Security Council

            Be Awared as Excellent Quality Perfromance Winner

            Honored as "Ten-year Consumer Trusted Business" by the local authority

            Be the Only One in Asia to Win "Innvative Award"

            ALL-IN-ONE" GPS navigation product was honored with "Innovation Award" in Automechanika Frankfurt

            Holding More Than 400 Local and International patents

            Calibration and maintenance of equipment are handled under the management of internal Metrology Room.