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            Star Products

            Tire Pressure Monitoring System(TPMS) TPMS

            • Three-digit Dispaly
            • Solar powered
            • Color Display
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            Drving Video Recorder(DVR) DVR

            • 1080P HD Video Recorder
            • Recording at 125゜Wide Angle
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            Hands-free Trunk Release System Hand-free Trunk Release

            • Tread Sensing
            • Anti--malicious scanning
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            STEELMATE CO LTD

            lines and testing center. It is also the first companies to obtain the international management systems like ISO9001, IATF16949 certificates and has kept long-term business relationships with the well-known international automotive corporations. With a substantial market share in China market, Steelmate is also expanding far into countries in North America, Europe and Asia for its well-received "Steelmate" product series.

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